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Such an amazing lawyer, has helped my husband with his case and so far everything has been great. I highly recommend him . Such a professional person and he’s super honesty with his people. Definitely telling all my family about him.

Garret is absolutely amazing! Super honest and straightforward. He will always get back to you and explains the real situation at hand. He did such a great job with our family member who was a multiple striker. He was facing a lot of time due to his priors and his strikes. When I say Garret made a MIRACLE happen I mean it. Our family member was not given any state prison time and was sentenced to a mandatory program, which is considered probation for a felon/ multiple striker. Garret truly worked hard for the best outcome. It was not an easy case at all, all odds where stacked against my family member. He is polished, very articulate with his words and truly knows his stuff. He is brutally honest even when you don't want to hear it but that's what you need in a lawyer. If you call or email he gets back to you that day. He sticks to what he tells you he will do and truly fights for you. I have never seen anything like him in a lawyer. We have used him several times with several family members and he works really hard for you. Honestly this last case with our family member who has all the strikes was nothing less than a miracle. But that's what you will find in Garret. He's very familiar with judges and DA's in the valley and in LA. Our case was in LA. You won't regret hiring him, he makes you feel comfortable and is truly there with you each step of the way. Garret we can't thank you enough for all that you have done. Our deepest gratitude!

I needed some last minute help with some legal issues. Garrett came through with the best result I could’ve of hoped for. Definitely recommend him as a defense lawyer.

Garret is a straight to the point, honest and amazing attorney. We hired him for our relative who has an extensive criminal history which include several felonies, strikes and many prison terms. He fought really hard for my relative and did an outstanding job! He was able to get him off on probation, which is truly unheard of. This just goes to show you the due diligence he has for his clients. His work ethic is impeccable and truly unmatched. I've known him for a very long time now and both cases, years apart he fought hard. He's focused and takes it as though that client were his own family member. He's super responsive and keeps you looped in every step of the way. I promise you, you won't regret hiring him! It can be really overwhelming while looking for a lawyer to truly find one you trust, they all say the same thing. Look no more and trust that you have the right lawyer on your team. Garret thank you for everything you... are truly one of a kind.

The best attorney I’ve ever used. Very Knowledgeable. Nows his business.. I would highly recommend him for any case you have. Regards, Craig

Garret is a good attorney with a fine pedigree. His education is remarkable and he is wise with experience. That is what initially attracted me to him. However, upon meeting him and speaking to him I understood the depth of his insight. I recall that in the planing stages of my case, he and I would talk about what days were good for us to go to court. And bad for the prosecution. We picked times around the holidays. And even waited for the deputy DAs to rotate so that he would deal with a more favorable one. I mean talk about tactics. In court he was charismatic. When he walked in. Everyone knew him and he knew everyone all whom were in the A list group. It was obvious that they admired and respected him. I remember watching and comparing him to other attorneys. Noticing that when he (unlike the others) walked in there was a culture that surrounded and followed him. It was a culture of favoritism. Towards him and I included as his client. Then when I compared myself to the other defendants I knew that if anyone had a chance. It was me! Or that I was better off then they were. After Garret beat my case. I referred two more clients to him. And he beat their cases as well. Lastly, if I ever feel like I need anything. In any situation that one may say “I need a lawyer, or tell someone “talk to my attorney”, or “you will hear from my lawyer”. You can call him and he will answer. And defend you! I have done this and he has been there for me. Garret is just really good. So if you are looking to get the best LA has to offer. And we all know LA has the best of everything. Get Garret! It will be like being in a television such as Law&Order where you win. Thanks to Garret I still work in education and psychotherapy.

I am glad to have found Garret and have him represent me on my case ! He is very professional and was able to guide me through every process. He responds very quickly and answers every question with exceptional knowledge. He gave me peace of mind right from the start and was very upfront and gave me realistic expectations. I highly recommend Garret, and although I don’t plan on going through the process again, I am confident to know exactly who to turn to for legal help. 10/10

Garret Weinrieb is worth every penny. He litterly and legally got me a second chance at life. I Highly recommend him for any serious felony case. Very strong criminal defense lawyer. He did everything he said he was going to do for me. Very professional and honest. Thanks Garret, your the man. E.D.

If you are looking for an AMAZING attorney Mr. Weinrieb is the best. He’s very responsive and compassionate. He is extremely knowledgeable and very understanding. Grateful to be represented by such a skillful and experienced attorney like Garret. Definitely recommend!

If I could give 11 out of ten I would. A great guy truly honest and fair. Garret was really professional and made the process painless and quicker then I expected. I wanted to personally thank you Garret for today, you are the best.

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