Over the past 20 years we have defended criminal cases ranging from DUIs to representing clients in 500+ trials for felony cases (murder, etc.), and when it comes to DUI charges in Los Angeles they are simple compared to what we’re used to.

Looking at DUI charges in Van Nuys, whether you were stopped on the street or on the highway/freeway (likely the 101 or 405 by the CHP) it’s important to not only hire a DUI attorney but most importantly one that has real experience in the area where the incident took place.

For example, a DUI attorney from Orange County that you met through a friend may be amazing, but it’s not something to bank on, and in reality they don’t know Van Nuys, the streets, traffic at various hours, the people in the community, etc. – and all of those insights are absolutely critical in providing the best defense.

On the flip side, we live in the community and are actively involved. And if you are facing DUI charges in Van Nuys we offer free consultations and are only a call away: (818) 888-2711