Domestic violence is a serious issue whether you’re in Van Nuys, California or anywhere else in the world, though many times domestic abuse/violence cases are complicated and once police are involved it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney that will fight for your rights. Though when going down that path, where do you even start?

First and foremost, it’s important to not only hire an attorney that specializes in criminal law but also one that has extensive experience successfully representing clients facing domestic violence charges in particular. Someone may be the best DUI attorney but if they haven’t dealt with what you’re facing they won’t be able to produce the best outcome in the end.

Secondly, let’s say you hire a top criminal defense attorney with tons of experience dealing with domestic violence cases, do they also have experience in the particular courthouse where your case is being heard and intimately know the prosecutors, judges, etc.? This is something many clients don’t think about though it’s absolutely critical.

As a simple example, imagine going into a restaurant for the first time and how you’ll be treated (hopefully amazing) then a restaurant you’ve been going to for 20+ years and close with the managers, waiters and other staff. You have many years of knowledge about them, who they are and how to jive together.

Lastly, and equally as important as everything outlined above, you have to find a defense attorney that you like and can communicate with openly – it’s really no different than the restaurant scenario. Work with and be around people you like and ultimately trust.

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