Going into the new year with laws changing, priorities shifting and other outside elements that impact the charges people are receiving, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the trends we’ve seen in 2023 along with what we anticipate in 2024.

First and foremost, choosing “the best” criminal defense attorney in Van Nuys or throughout Los Angeles, California is a recipe that’s based on having the right ingredients: The combination of emotional intelligence and a proven track record of winning whether it’s a simple DUI case or a murder trial covered by global news outlets.

And when it comes down to reality, the proof is in the pudding: With over 100 criminal defense trials under our belt while representing some of the highest profile cases, we have the unique ability to see what’s around the next turn as we’ve always done in the past.

Below are some of the questions we’re getting most recently going into the new year and want to address now:

The Cost of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2024
When looking at the cost of a criminal defense attorney the rates are highly dependent on the crimes being defended as well as the experience of the lawyers themselves. For example, while a simple DUI case in Los Angeles may cost $2,500 a complex murder trial can be $50,000+ today. It all depends.

What Can You Expect From the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer?
While searching for the best criminal defense attorney your expectations should be based on the particular charges you’re facing along with the evidence surrounding the case. And hiring the most experienced criminal defense law firm in the area will help guide you on that path – someone (or a firm) with experience in that particular courthouse who knows the dynamic (DAs, judges, etc.).

How Do You Choose the Best Criminal Attorney for Your Case?
Choosing the best criminal defense attorney depends on a wide variety of factors and one of the first things to look for is expertise in the particular area related to your case. For example, an expert in sex crime cases may not be the best domestic violence attorney because that’s not their focus.

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