Over the past couple of years crime rates have spiked in cities throughout the country and when it comes to Van Nuys the statistics not only show that, but as criminal attorneys that have been defending cases in the Van Nuys courthouse and others for over 20 years we intimately feel it.

For example, in the past 2 years our call volume for cases related to domestic violence, assault/battery and robbery in Van Nuys have gone through the roof, and if you’re wondering whether COVID had a role in that you’re spot on! Once the pandemic hit and all of our worlds were flipped upside down it created chaos on many levels, particularly behaviors that resulted in criminal charges.

As a leading criminal defense firm that defends cases throughout Los Angeles we are based in Van Nuys, live in the neighborhood, and as being a part of the community see the trends firsthand because we’re experiencing them ourselves.

If you are facing criminal charges in the Van Nuys courthouse let’s jump on a call, explore your options and strategize the best defense: (818) 888-2711