If you have been watching the news or speaking to others in the community you’ve probably heard about the huge spike in smash and grab robberies along with all sorts of other thefts taking place in Van Nuys and throughout Los Angeles County as a whole. The new wave of crime is interesting and unlike anything we remember in recent times.

In particular, since everyone has now been accustomed to wearing masks as a result of COVID – and we are used to seeing people in masks – we wouldn’t think twice if someone walks into a jewelry store, bank, etc. whereas in the past it would immediately be cause for concern.

Basically, if you walked into a bank with a mask 5 years ago everyone would think you’re trying to rob it while today the world is a different place. And because of that, people have established a false sense of invincibility since being able to hide your face is so normal now.

As criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles that specialize in the Van Nuys and San Fernando courts, we have personally experienced a spike in calls related to robbery charges along with assault and other serious felonies, and it will be interesting to see how things evolve over time.