Our firm has over 90 years of combined experience defending serious criminal charges ranging from highly publicized murder trials to domestic violence cases, though we still get a lot of questions around simple criminal charges like DUI, so we wanted to drop this blog post to touch on some of the questions we’ve been getting recently.

Should you hire a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been charged with a DUI?
Whether you’re facing DUI charges in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the country, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney with a proven track record is key. And as history shows, those who represent themselves or brush things off as not important don’t see the best results in the end.

How much does a DUI lawyer cost in Los Angeles?
Of all the questions we get around DUI charges in Los Angeles this topic always comes up, and nowadays with inflation, etc. the costs of everything have become more important, which makes sense. The cost for a Los Angeles DUI lawyer can range from $1,000 for simple offenses to over $30,000 for DUIs that resulted in death (e.g. second-degree murder, Watson Murder).

How Do You Beat a DUI Case in California?
Every case is different and without knowing the intricacies there’s no way to predict how to beat a DUI case, however there are key things criminal defense attorneys can do, based on their experience, that give their clients the best opportunity to produce the best outcome possible and move forward with their lives.

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