As criminal defense attorneys with over 90 years of combined experience Schwartz & Weinrieb handles a wide variety of criminal cases in the San Fernando Valley as well as Santa Clarita, and this post touches on some of the most common cases we see in the Santa Clarita Courthouse.

For one, Driving Under the Influencer (DUI) cases are very common, and there have been a variety of times when people had too much fun at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia then while driving home to Los Angeles they were pulled over on Interstate 5 (known as just the 5 freeway to locals) which resulted in DUI charges.

Also, especially during recent times, we have noticed a rise in domestic violence cases in Santa Clarita and defended various charges ranging from child abuse and endangerment to elder abuse and more.

Additionally, similar to Los Angeles County and the country as a whole, Santa Clarita is seeing theft crimes (robbery, etc.) take off. In over 19 years of defending criminal charges throughout Southern California we’ve never seen demand for defense attorneys this high in Santa Clarita.

If you are facing criminal charges in the Santa Clarita Courthouse and need a criminal defense attorney to help, we’re only a call away: (818) 888-2711