Over the past few years crime rates have spiked across Los Angeles, especially in the San Fernando Valley, and as criminal attorneys that have defended a wide variety of cases over the past 20+ years ranging from DUIs to high-profile murder trials, we thought it would be helpful to share some insights on what we’re experiencing.

Aside from all of the statistics you’re used to seeing in the news, we have our finger on the pulse not only through people reaching out to us for help with criminal cases, but also because we live in the community ourselves and have interest in what’s actually going on.

First off, since the pandemic hit domestic violence cases/charges in the San Fernando Valley have skyrocketed, though it makes sense since we were all forced to change our everyday lives, lockdown and be placed in uncomfortable situations.

Secondly, with people experiencing issues because they were isolated, got laid off from their jobs, have no idea how they’ll make ends meet, etc. they were pushed to extremes including committing robberies/theft and other acts outside of their usual character. The fight or flight mentality, which is unfortunate.

Based on the cases we’ve been getting inquiries for and handling recently, we do see a shift and it will be interesting to gauge how things evolve in the future.