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Van Nuys Expungements Lawyer

Many individuals have made past errors that resulted in a criminal record, but you must know that not everything is permanent and in some cases you may be able to get an expungement. This could be a DUI or another misdemeanor or felony offense. Years have passed in some cases, and the person has led a law-abiding life and now wishes to clean their criminal record. The procedure to do so is an expungement.

Expungements are available for many types of misdemeanor and felony offenses, however, they are not available when a person has been sentenced to state prison. The facts of each case must be closely evaluated to determine if an expungement is possible.

Expungement Lawyer in Van Nuys, California

With certain exceptions, such as on applications for a state license or in response to law enforcement, an expungement legally entitles a person to say they have never been convicted of a criminal offense. This can immensely benefit a person’s life, particularly when applying for employment. It erases the negative stigma of a criminal conviction.

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