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Van Nuys Theft Attorney

Van Nuys criminal attorneys from the Law Offices of Schwartz & Weinrieb have extensive experience defending a wide variety of theft charges in the Van Nuys and San Fernando courthouses, including: petty theft, grand theft, burglary, robbery, and carjacking.

Even the most basic theft crimes, such as shoplifting and petty theft, are vigorously prosecuted criminal charges. Whether a theft involves taking another person’s property or taking the property of a retail store or business, prosecutors take theft crimes extremely seriously. In the San Fernando Valley, large stores such as Macy’s, Costco and Best Buy work hand-in-hand with the police to prosecute theft offenses.

Importantly, “Theft Crimes” are not limited to only simple theft offenses. Theft crimes also include progressively more serious theft offenses including, but not limited to:

  • petty theft with a prior
  • grand theft
  • burglary – commericial and residential
  • robbery
  • carjacking

In many theft cases, in addition to statements by defendants, witnesses and victims, prosecutors rely on video surveillance and statements of loss prevention officers at retail stores, businesses and shopping malls.

Theft Defense Attorneys in the San Fernando Valley

The legal team at the Law Offices of Schwartz & Weinrieb has over 80 years of combined experience aggressively defending clients facing all types of theft charges, and will strategize a vigorous defense from the moment of arrest until the completion of the case.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any theft charge, contact a Van Nuys criminal attorney from Schwartz & Weinrieb today at (818) 888-2711.