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Bob Schwartz has been a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for 43 years. In 2012, Mr. Schwartz was honored as the Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year by the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Garret Weinrieb

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Garret Weinrieb, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and the University of California, Berkeley (Phi Beta Kappa), draws on over 20 years of experience as a Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney and litigator to aggressively represent and protect his clients’ rights and interests against all felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.

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Charged with Child Molestation in the San Fernando Valley?

There are few criminal charges that can destroy one’s reputation in the community faster than being accused of child molestation.  That is only the beginning of the damage that can result from a charge and conviction of any child molestation offense.

If you have been arrested for any child molestation offense, it is critical that you contact a child molestation defense lawyer without delay.  The immediate actions taken by the defense in child molestation cases can impact the entire criminal prosecution.  In some cases, immediate action can even stop a case from ever being filed.

Child Molestation Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys and the San Fernando Valley

It is not uncommon for child molestation charges to be completely false and the individual accused is innocent. Even when someone is not entirely innocent, however, a vigorous defense must be mounted and it is crucial that you have an extremely skilled and seasoned defense lawyer to immediately begin your defense.

At the Law Offices of Schwartz & Weinrieb, our legal team is prepared to act quickly on behalf of any client charged with this serious offense.  Our attorneys are creative and aggressive and will exploit any possible flaw in the prosecution.  You can be assured that your case will be our priority.

Anyone convicted of a felony child molestation charge is required to become a “registered sex offender”.  This means that any person in your neighborhood can see your name, address and photograph and the crime that you committed.  Moving to another state will not protect you, as these rules exist nationwide.  It is absolutely critical that you have powerful legal representation fighting for you and that the representation begins immediately if you have been accused of or charged with child molestation in Los Angeles.

Whether you are looking for a Burbank Criminal Lawyer, Glendale Criminal Attorney, San Fernando Criminal Lawyer, Van Nuys Criminal Attorney or an attorney in other parts of Los Angeles, Schwartz & Weinrieb is ready to aggressively defend against your criminal charges.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, contact a criminal defense attorney from Schwartz & Weinrieb today at (818) 888-2711.

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With over 90 years of combined criminal defense experience, the murder defense legal team at Schwartz & Weinrieb will immediately review all evidence against you. Your case will be an immediate priority and a defense strategy will be determined and immediately employed.


When you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Van Nuys or San Fernando courthouses, whether a first DUI offense or a serious felony charge, one rule holds true: do not discuss your case or answer questions until you have legal representation.

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