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When an individual has been unfairly convicted of a crime, they can appeal their conviction.  Whether this appeal is granted or not is based on the filing that is done on behalf of the client by their San Fernando appeal lawyer.  Many law firms do not work on appeals, as this legal action takes much research and case study, as well as legal opinions presented to the appellate court to show what errors were made in the original trial.  When you have been unfairly or wrongly convicted of a crime, an appeal is the recourse provided by the court to give you the opportunity to get justice.  It is important that you contact a San Fernando appeal attorney in order to initiate this vital process.


Appeals Attorney in the San Fernando Valley

There are a variety of situations that could result in an unfair conviction, and the need to make an appeal.  When an appeal is granted, in some cases you get a new trial, and in others the sentence may be reduced, depending upon the situation.  Some of the types of circumstances that would warrant an appeal include:

  • Evidence that should not have been allowed in court
  • Evidence that could have helped the defense not presented to the court or was illegally withheld by the prosecution
  • A wrong application of the law
  • The attorney made an argument that was inappropriate to the case
  • The jury was confused by the instructions
  • Jury misconduct
  • Sentence that was inappropriate for the crime, per the law

Every aspect of the case must be completely reviewed looking for the errors in procedure, errors in the attorney’s case, and errors by the judge, the jury and prosecution and the strict application of the correct law.  After the case has been reviewed by the legal team at Schwartz & Weinrieb Attorneys at Law, it can be determined how to move forward with an appeal on behalf of the client.  To appeal a conviction, a vast understanding of appeals law is necessary, and the legal team at the firm is qualified to assist in these cases.

The firm is very experienced in appealing a criminal conviction, and would like to evaluate the case to assist you in determining what can be done to get justice in the case.  An innocent person convicted of a crime does occur, and when it does, nothing is more heartbreaking for the individual and the families involved.  If you are seeking a skilled appeals lawyer, contact the firm to discuss the case so that you can be advised how to move forward with an appeal.

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