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Mark Zuckman

Mark Zuckman graduated Magnum Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from USC and obtained his JD from UC Davis in 1980. He was a Deputy Public Defender in Los Angeles for 21 years, where he was both a senior trial attorney, trying dozens of murder cases, including a death penalty retrial, as well as the Supervising attorney in Beverly Hills Courthouse.

In 2002 he was appointed Superior Court Commissioner and was assigned to the West District criminal courthouse at the Airport Court, where he presided over misdemeanor and felony trials, ran a high volume master calendar court and was assigned  to the Preliminary Hearing Court where he alone had the  power to dismiss felony cases for lack of evidence, or permit the case to go to trial based on his legal and credibility judgments.

Mr. Zuckman’s excellence on the bench was twice recognized. In 2005 he was voted  “Commissioner of the Year” by the Century City Bar Association, and in 2015 the Criminal Court Bar Association honored him as  the Criminal Court Judge of the Year for all of Los Angeles County.

Having retired in March 2019, Mark has brings to our firm his unique experience as a criminal defense attorney and his “insiders” understanding of the judicial system.

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