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I'm a recently separated veteran with a government contracting job that requires a secret clearance. Any type of criminal conviction would end my career. I was facing two felony charges after my girlfriend made false accusations following an argument about the custody of our son. After hours of looking for a lawyer online and speaking with different lawyers, I decided to contact Garret. I needed representation from someone with vast experience and with a record of getting favorable results. After meeting with him in person I knew the plan he had to take care of the case was the best option for me. All the work Garret put into pre-filing worked out perfectly and the case was rejected. No charges were filed.

Garret was very professional and very honest with any questions I had regarding my case. He was very detailed and made me feel like a friend instead of just a client. I would recommend Garret to anybody.


Before I hired Garret, I thought my life was going to be pretty much over due to my criminal charges. But the first day I talked to him he reassured me on what he would do to make it a better situation. Even though I was in Hawaii, he was always available to contact. He even went to my arraignment and some pretrial hearings when I couldn't make it. He eventually got six out seven charges dismissed. I am forever grateful for Garret and his services. He will work hard for you until the end


Garret was super prompt with his responses to any questions. I thought his answers were very honest and trustworthy. He's very dependable and very professional. I'm so glad I hired Garret and I would highly recommend him.


Garret was very helpful during my case he was always easy to reach. I recommend him to everyone he is the right guy for you.


I was referred to Garret by a good friend and man oh man did I make the right choice. He's friendly, funny, good heart, and a pitbull on your side. Best money I spent to keep my sanity during my case . Everybody in court knows and loves him, that's what you need when it comes to decision making with criminal cases. Don't hesitate if you make a mistake in life and need a lawyer , CALL GARRET immediately


Garret Weinrieb is a great lawyer. He is honest, fair, and does what he says he is going to do. He represented me and got my charges to be dismissed by proving that I was innocent. I would strongly recommend Garret Weinrieb to represent you in a case. He always returns calls in a timely manner, he is proactive, and Garret truly cares about his clients.


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