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Internet sex crime charges are extremely serious criminal allegations requiring immediate expert criminal defense representation. Internet sex crime cases are almost always serious felony charges. An internet sex crime conviction will likely […]

Being falsely accused of a criminal offense may be the most upsetting experience in a person’s life. Sadly, an innocent person may find himself fighting for his freedom in a court of […]

If found driving with a measured Blood Alcohol Concentration (“BAC”) of .08% or more you will likely be charged with DUI. If a DUI involves injury or a person has prior DUI […]

San Fernando & Van Nuys Drug Possession Attorney Individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony drug possession – whether for marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or other drugs and narcotics – may qualify for various […]

San Fernando & Van Nuys Drug Defense Lawyer The San Fernando Valley has some of the top narcotics task forces in the country, both state and federal.  As California is a border […]

Domestic violence charges are serious criminal matters. Domestic violence cases effect families, children, friends and loved ones. In any domestic violence case, it is critical that you act quickly and immediately contact […]

Child pornography charges are extremely serious criminal charges that will be aggressively prosecuted, usually by prosecutors that specifically handle sex crimes. Punishments for child pornography offenses can include substantial periods of mandatory […]

Charged with Child Molestation in the San Fernando Valley? There are few charges that can destroy your reputation in the community faster than an accusation of child molestation.  That is only the […]

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