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Case Results

Through our comprehensive knowledge of the law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, Schwartz & Weinrieb continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Our recent case results include the following:

Mr. Weinrieb’s client was charged with 10 counts of felony drug offenses, including sales, possession for sales and transportation. Mr. Weinrieb rejected the prosecutor’s unreasonable settlement offer and took the case to trial. At trial the client was convicted of only 1 of 10 charges, and the 1 charge was reduced to a misdemeanor which will ultimately be dismissed from the client’s criminal history upon completion of drug classes. (Van Nuys Courthouse)

Mr. Weinrieb’s client was found not guilty at trial of 8 counts of drug transportation, sales and possession for sales. Van Nuys Court.

Los Angeles Superior Court/Federal Court-Mr. Naderi’s client, an alleged cartel member, was stopped with multiple Kilograms of a controlled substance. Mr. Naderi’s client was never charged in the alleged offense.

Anonymous Court- Mr. Naderi’s client, a prominent and extremely well known member of the local community, was charged with 3 counts of forcible child molestation. Charges were dismissed and no filing resulted after Mr. Naderi advised the client on how to proceed.

Los Angeles Courthouse- Mr. Naderi’s client was charged with hit and run causing injuries. Vehicle on pedestrian. The case was dismissed and not filed.

San Fernando Courthouse- Mr. Naderi’s client was charged with petty theft. Mr. Naderi was able to have the case qualify for a dismissal and NO Caltrans or community service.

San Fernando Courthouse- Mr. Naderi’s client was charged with domestic violence, with priors, and significant injuries to the alleged victim. Mr. Naderi was able to get the case dismissed at trial. No conviction.

San Fernando Courthouse- Mr. Naderi’s client, a prominent figure in the street racing community, was charged with 6 different counts on 3 different cases, while being on both felony and misdemeanor probation. Mr. Naderi was able to obtain no jail for his client with a dismissal of multiple counts.

Airport Courthouse- Mr. Naderi’s Client with a bad prior history was charged with domestic violence with injuries. Mr. Naderi was able to obtain a hearing for the client and had the charges dismissed prior to the court date

Sylmar Court- Mr. Naderi’s client was arrested for rape on a minor using force. End result, case not prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office.

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