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Case Results

Through our comprehensive knowledge of the law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, Schwartz & Weinrieb continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Our recent case results include the following:

(June 2019, San Fernando Courthouse) Mr. Weinrieb's client, a husband and father of three, was facing deportation due to a felony drug conviction. Mr. Weinrieb field a motion to terminate his client's probation early and expunge his record. Over the prosecutor's objection, the motion was granted and the client was taken off probation. He recently obtained his Green Card to remain in the United States with his loving family.

(March 2019, Van Nuys Courthouse) DIVERSION GRANTED to client charged with felony forgery and credit card fraud. Client is a single mother that made a bad decision in a financially tough time. Mr. Weinrieb worked with the prosecutor to understand his client's situation and ultimately get her leniency. After client completes 15 hours of community service at a women's resource center her case will be fully dismissed with all charges dropped.

(February 2019, San Fernando Courthouse) – Probation granted to Mr. Weinrieb’s client charged with transporting 1 kilogram of heroin from Los Angeles to Northern California. The District Attorney’s initial plea offer was 6 years in county jail. Mr. Weinrieb filed a “motion to suppress the evidence” based on an illegal search of his client’s vehicle. Based on the motion, the Judge overruled the District Attorney and offered Mr. Weinrieb’s client probation with 1 year – not 6 years – in custody.

(January 2019) 3RD STRIKE CASE DISMISSED AT PRELIMINARY HEARING! Mr. Weinrieb's client had two strikes and was facing a life sentence on a new burglary case. The District Attorney's offer was initially at life sentence and later 12 years in prison. Mr. Weinrieb and his client rejected the District Attorney's offer because the case was not provable beyond a reasonable doubt. After the Preliminary Hearing where Mr. Weinrieb examined 4 police officers, the Judge DIMISSED all charges.

(September 2018, Van Nuys Court) CASE DISMISSED. Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged will illegally possessing a mass quantity of prescription medications. In truth, his client was in possession of the medications because he works for a sober living facility and was holding the medications to distribute to the patients. After carefully presenting these facts to the prosecutor, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges and to return the medications, cash, phones and keys belonging to Mr. Weinrieb's client.

(July 2018, Van Nuys Courthouse) Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with felony residential burglary AND violating probation on a prior burglary conviction. Before Mr. Weinrieb was hired the District Attorney offered his client 32 months in state prison. After Mr. Weinrieb has hired and he worked extensively with the District Attorney and Judge to settle the case, his client received only 180 days in county jail. A huge victory.

(April 2018) Case Rejected! Mr. Weinrieb’s client was charged with a hit and run causing death when he unfortunately ran over a homeless individual who was intoxicated and laying in a dimly lit street. Mr. Weinrieb worked closely with the LAPD and the District Attorney’s Office and the case was rejected for filing. This was the correct result, as this was a tragic accident but not a criminal act. A note of gratitude to the LAPD and District Attorney’s Office for making the correct decision to reject this case for filing.

(February 2018, Van Nuys Court) Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with felony vandalism and a probation violation. Mr. Weinrieb hired his investigator and it was determined that the alleged victim had planted a small camera in his client's wall and was spying on him with computer software. Accordingly, the client had the legal right to take and destroy the camera. All felony charges against Mr. Weinrieb's client were dismissed.

(October 2017, Juvenile Court) - Mr. Weinrieb's juvenile client was charged with felony vandalism. Mr. Weinrieb persuaded the victim to agree to settle the case civilly, with all criminal charges dismissed. The client can now seal his juvenile criminal history and move forward with his life.

ATTEMPTED MURDER CASE DISMISSED BY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY! Mr. Weinrieb’s client, a 19 year old male from San Fernando, was charged with attempted murder with a gun and gang allegation. If convicted, he would likely spend the rest of his life in prison. After 9 months of fighting the case, the District Attorney finally dismissed all charges against Mr. Weinrieb’s client. Mr. Weinrieb was able to prove though his client’s cell phone records and cell tower records that he was not at the park where the shooting occurred, but rather was at his mother’s house several miles away in San Fernando.

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